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  • Marina

    My name is Marina Chenskaya, we are looking for a sponsor for temporary asylum in the UK. I am 46 years old, my daughter Svetlana is 13 years old We have not left the territory of Ukraine and our home city, Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) since the beginning of the war. We spent 43 days in the cellar with our child under shelling, we experienced all the horrors of Russian aggression. Kyiv is currently under constant bombardment, people are dying, houses and infrastructure of the city are being destroyed, there is no work, heating, water, electricity and communication. After each bombardment by the aggressor there is no electricity, heating and water, and the phone becomes a useless device, and after that for next week there is only electricity for 2-3 hours a day. The flats of our house are totally dependent on electricity - the heating (it is now 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside), water and electric stove run on it. Also during a power outage, stores, hospitals, pharmacies, underground, and ATMs do not work. People survive not live, and the situation is getting worse day by day… Our daughter cannot go to school, there is no way to study online since there is no communication and electricity. We are very worried about our daughter, she does not sleep well, she has nightmares, her health has deteriorated. She, alas, has no opportunity to study and be in society. We want our daughter to be educated and healthy. Our family is intelligent, I have have higher education and have no bad habits, we always do sports together if possible. We are communicative, tolerant, kind, responsive and easy to learn. I am educated as teachers, I have medical education aa well, My daughter draws well, reads a lot, studies well and wants to become a doctor to help people. We would be very grateful and appreciative if someone would respond and help our family.
  • Paul

    large room and private bathroom in old house with garden
  • Ayris

    Я беженец из Украины. Я художник, талантливый человек. Хочу найти родственую Душу и гармонию и покой в новой семье. Люблю спокойствие, тишину, природу, сад, землю, искусство, фотография, роспись стен, живопись, дизайн, читать, кулинария, создать уют в доме. Ещё я мечтаю сделать персональную выстаку картин в Англии. Несу людям красоту и радость. Я очень хочу выучить английский язык и путешествовать в будущем. Я могу вас научить рисовать, арт-терапия, медитация. Работа в саду приносит удовольствие. Очень люблю цветы. Изучаю психологию, специалист по нумерологии. Я верю что Любовь и Красота спасёт Мир!
  • Lussy

    Accompanist, pianist, office secretary
  • Freya888

    I m a teacher: English & German
  • Dmitriy

    My name is Dmitriy Zhirniy. I'm 19 years old. I can speak English and of course on Ukrainian and Russian languages. My English isn't perfect but it's enough for communication. Now I'm placed on occupied territory. More information about me and my situation you can find below in “about us”.
  • IvanBalabanov

    Ми маленька сім'я, я і дружина, 29 років і дочка 5 років. Шукаємо добрих людей які б змогли прихистити нас на деякий час. Плануємо швидко вчитись і шукати роботу, дитина щоб відвідувала садок чи школу, я не знаю в якому віці діти в Великобританії йдуть до школи. На даний час я живу в Чехії, виїхав ще до війни, моя родина живе в Україні, в місті Бердянськ. В цьому й проблема що ми не можемо разом виїхати відразу. Тому я би хотів поїхати першим, облаштуватися і шукати роботу, щоб швидше стати самостійним і вже потім забрати їх. Ми сподіваємося що найближчим часом вони виїдуть на підконтрольну територію України і зможуть зробити документи
  • Olya

    I am a refugee from the center of Ukraine.
  • Тетяна

    Greetings, my name is Tatyana, I am 34 years old. I am the mother of two daughters - Victoria (12 years old) and Milanka (5 years old) We are looking for asylum under the Home for Ukraine program in Great Britain, because your country helps us a lot and we admire your kindness and sincerity. We will be able to help you around the house and we will be able to show real gratitude for the shelter. It does not matter where it will be, the only important thing is that we will be safe and away from shelling and sirens. I admire you people, you are incredible and very kind, I don't have enough words to describe it. About my children: Milanka is an open, cheerful and sociable child who likes to draw, play with toys, and watch cartoons. Vikuya's eldest daughter likes to learn English very much. She wants to learn it perfectly, as she has always dreamed of speaking fluently. She always tries to learn new words herself. A little about myself: in Ukraine, I worked as a photographer, I also baked homemade pastries (cakes and sweets) to order. Therefore, upon arrival, I want to work and not sit idle. I really like to cook and would be happy to cook and introduce you to Ukrainian cuisine. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helps and supports us in such difficult times. A low bow to you❤❤
  • Liudmyla

    Can you help me with room, please? I mean I could really use some help like that right now. I am very confident and independent person, so what I need is to find a room for living with good connection to London for looking new job. So your location is great for me! I think that I could spend biggest time outside the room for looking the job and for improving my skills in English. I am wery positive person and love learning new things. Looking forward for hearing from you. Best regards Liudmyla Dolmatova WhatsApp +380973934671 I’m 48 years old Doctor from Kiev. Very accurate and provide healthy lifestyle.
  • KseniaGo

    I am a Ukrainian looking for a sponsor in UK for me and my 8-year old son.
  • Mykola Stefaneshen

    Hello, my name is Mykola Stefaneshen, I am 20 years old and I live in Ukraine. I am looking for a sponsor. I started learning English at the age of 5, I won't say that I know it perfectly, but I speak it fluently. As everyone already knows, there is a war going on in Ukraine, although the offensive actions have decreased, but the threat of missile attacks has not disappeared. Due to my poor health and heart problems, I can't join the army, so for now I can only sit at home . Since in my city there are a large number of refugees who cannot return home or to go abroad, I thought that it would be better to accept refugees into my home. Since there is no work in Ukraine, I have to look for work abroad. About myself, I can say that I am an independent, calm and sometimes shy person, I know how to cook, I like to play sports and read psychology and philosophy , I spend my free time walking with friends and playing videogames sometimes. Thanks for understanding😔 My gmail: [email protected]
  • Maria

    Сім'я, яка надіється на допомогу.
  • Marina

    My name is Marina. I live in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. My English level is soon B2. I am a teacher and tutor by profession. Kind, decent, clean, responsible. I studied the culture and literature of England. I am looking for a sponsor to get housing. Very sociable , hardworking. No husband, widow.I am 50 years old.Teacher of English for junior pupils.Intelligent.Well-bred.I live in Dnepr city.
  • Tony

    Divorced male professional in Mid Somerset with double room in family sized house.
  • elvis

    I am retired and can give lots of support
  • Molodtsova

    By myself, 46, want peace and no missiles, good English
  • Julia

    Я из Украины. Мне 35 лет. Не курю и не употребляю алкоголь. По специальности:-повар. Люблю животных.
  • Ganna

    Looking for a sponsor who can provide accommodation for my family and I
  • Viktoria

    Мама та двоє дітей 13 та 9 років із Маріуполя, шукаємо прихисток в Англії
  • Usikovna

    Cheers! My name is Ludmila. I’m 31 years old. And I’m from Ukraine and I’m looking for a family in UK who would host me. I live in Chernihiv! My town is situated near the border with russia and belarus . Since the war started our town has been bombed every day.We lived without gas, electricity and water. A lot of civilian buildings were ruined , a lot of people losted their homes. During all these months I’ve stayed in my native city. I’m positive, active and really friendly. I like to read books, travel, cook. My English is not perfect but I do my best to improve it. I’m looking for accommodation. I am going to find a job as soon as it possible and then start an independent life. And I’m really grateful for support of British people! You are great!
  • Victoria

    Меня зовут Виктория. Мой инстаграм : _victoria.smirnova_ /мой телеграм : @victoria_smirnova / мой номер телефона : +380951494525. Я ищу возможность временно покинуть Украину, из-за войны развязанной Россией. До войны я проживали в городе Харьков, моя семья в Донецкой области, поэтому я не могу вернуться ни в родной город, ни в Харькове. Ранее я работала юристом в компании по производству тяжёлого оборудования ( подъёмные краны). В данный момент я потеряла работу и свой дом. Хочу воспользоваться спонсорской программой от правительства Великобритании и найти себе временное убежище, а также работу чтобы помочь своей семье на время войны в Украине. Для меня в данный момент не имеет разницы на какой работе, главная задача устроиться на работу чтобы помочь родным финансово в Украине. Я плохо говорю по английски , но очень хочу выучить язык.
  • Vitalii_L

    My name is Vitalii. I’m father of two children. The son is 13 years old, the daughter is 3 years old.
  • ResidentUK

    Help to my parents come to UK
  • David and Andrea

    Couple with 2 double bedrooms with bathroom in village in Scotland. We have 2 dogs
  • Jaxxon

    Single room and full use of house in village between Milton Keynes bedford
  • Shaun CW

    We believe we have found lovely guests.
  • Yana2777

    I’m 21 year old Ukrainian girl, decent, educated and cheerful😊Searching for a host🇬🇧
  • Seejays

    2 bedrooms available, one twin and one double. Shared facilities. 4 miles from city centre of Swansea, Wales. Public transport available - bus/train, schools, shops, coast (4 miles)etc.
  • Vitalina

    I am a Ukranian refugee, 33 years old woman. Look for a host in London.
  • Nataliia

    My name is Natalie. I am 42 years old, I am from Ukraine. Due to the war in our country, I am looking for a sponsor in the UK under the "Home for Ukraine" program. I don't speak English yet, but I use a translator if necessary (I'm currently learning English). I don't drink, I don't smoke. I love animals, walks in nature. I have a German Shepherd, she is already 10 years old , spayed. She is very kind and quickly becomes attached to people, loves children, knows commands , can stay at home alone while I'm at work. She is friendly with other animals, especially small ones. We've been through a lot together. I want to quickly learn the language and find a job so as not to burden people. I would be very grateful if there is a place for me and my dog. Thanks in advance!
  • Iuliia

    I am sociable, communicative, I like walking, travelling, ride a bicycle, reading. I do not smoke, like animals, speak English.
  • TetianaSa

    Makeup artist, mother of two children.
  • Sara

    I am a young sporty cheerful Ukrainian girl who loves reading, quietness, nature and long walks. I came to England from Eastern Ukraine. I am currently in Leeds. I look for a family who could be my sponsor in Great Britain. I would like to find home in the sponsor’s house. I would like to live in a city and find a job in the close future
  • SwissCaregiver

    Single Dad looking for a Patchwork Family
  • Matt

    Room available in family home in Kent (30 minutes to London)
  • Kat&Eliza

    Mother and 14yr old daughter. Left because of the bombing. Husband in Ukraine recovering from spine injury. Stuck in transit in Ueslen German.we are friendly,quiet.Liza likes coking,dancing,ice skating.She wants to continue to learn English..We love dogs,at home we have 1 dog in Ukraine.weare looking Brighton Surrey area.
  • kni

    хочу іммігрувати до Великої Британії. шукаю спонсора , який допоможе нам. Ми з Вінниці, Україна,роботи та навчання немає, так як електроенергію дають 3 рази на добу по 2 години, тому хочемо спробувати себе у новій країні. Хочеться спокійного життя, без тривог та вибухів ППО.
  • Red

    I'm a 61 year old male who has 1 bedroom available for single person in a nice 3 bed semi detached house with large garden
  • marmaduke

    I am now hosting so will not be responding to further requests
  • Oksana

    My name is Oksana, і am 42 years old. My son Egor is 13 years old. I am looking for a sponsor in UK! We are from Dnipro
  • Julie

    Non-smoking vegetarian household. Retired couple with Labrador dog and 3 chickens. Update, sorry, we have now sponsored somebody and they are now our guest
  • Vi

    Helli)im lonely girl looking for living in England,if i also can be useful for you please let me know
  • GeeP

    I am already hosting now.
  • JB

    I live in an isolated farmhouse in the country (no local shop or bus) therefore not suitable for a town person but might be of interest to a lady in her sixties/seventies able to speak a very little basic English. I am a Chartered Accountant now retired, have a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower and fast broadband. Elderly widower.
  • Світлана

    Шукаємо спонсора
  • Anastasia

    Проживаю в Україні, займаюсь розробкою дизайні для сайтів, мені 21 рік.
  • Eugen

    I’m 32 years and I don’t have bad habits, gaining my Master’s degree, speak English and fluently French, hardworking.
  • Maxim and Larysa 🇺🇦

    We are from Ukraine. Please help us
  • Tetyana

    Біженець з України
  • Ania

    My name is Anna. I am 33 years old. I am a math teacher, but recently worked as an accountant's assistant. I can speak English but slowly (B1+). I hope to improve my English. I'm sociable and considerate. I have no bad habits. I plan to come alone and find a job after moving to help my family that remains in Ukraine. I want to return to Ukraine after the war. Thank you to the British for helping the Ukrainians!
  • gelembjuk

    We are the family from Ukraine. Roman and Kateryna - parents, Alex, Anastasia, Victoria - children.
  • Galina

    Меня зовут Галина. Мне 37 лет. Ищу людей которые смогут мне помочь обрести дом на некоторое время. Было б хорошо если семья была б христианская. Не пью и не курю. Общительнаяительная, хотелось бы обрести друзей!
  • Darryl

    Possibly able to host one guest in the Manchester area. I'm 36 years old and would be looking to host someone of similar age. Able to accept pets into my home. Any questions feel free to ask.
  • Галя

    Привіт. Хочу подякувати уряду Британії, та всім хто бере участь у цій програмі та надає тимчасовий прихисток людям з України. Мене звати Галина (45), у мене неповнолітня дочка Марія.По приїзду я хотіла б якомога швидше знайти роботу, та відправити дочку до школи. Ми з міста Івано Франківськ, наше місто попало під обстріли, і ми змушені були залишити нашу домівку аби зберегти наше життя. Я з дочкою зараз знаходжусь в Польщі, де дуже багато українців і важко знайти роботу і забезпечити своє проживання. Хочу дати Марії шанс здобути якісну освіту. Дякую всім хто переглянув мій профіль.
  • Nataliia

    My name is Natalia. I am a mother of two children. The son is 12 years old, the daughter is 2 years old.
  • Anton

    I was abroad when Russia started a war in Ukraine. On March 1, I had a ticket to return to Ukraine, but I could not return. Now I am in France. My sister and brother have already got a UK visa and moved. I want to unite with my family. Looking for a sponsor in the UK. I am 39 years old. I am single. Without bad habits.
  • Olena

    I’m looking for a sponsor for myself, who can accept one person.
  • Jerenel

    Hello, my name is Alexander, I am 25 years old. I am from Ukraine, lived for 7 months in the occupied territory. I would like to find sponsors in order to reunite with my girlfriend who moved in England few months ago and recently started working there, also lives with sponsors in the city of Swindon, I would also like to be somewhere closer and would like to find a job there, I think it would be enough for me 3 months to find a job and rent a flat. I worked at a factory in Ukraine. A little about myself, I do not know English well, I think over time I could improve my knowledge in this direction. I mainly like listening to music and playing computer games. I would like to learn how to play the guitar. At the moment I left the town of Berdiansk, and I am in Poland where I live with a friend temporary, but I can't stay here for a long time. I love small towns and nature.
  • Olena

    Hi, I am looking for a UK sponsor for my parents: elderly couple of 65 and 67 years old. They speak basic English but can use Google translate quite well. Very cute and friendly old couple.
  • Jullyart

    Artist and mother from Ukraine
  • Yevhenii

    28 лет. Хочу опять поехать жить в Англию, жил в Англии в 2018, в Бостоне. Ищу спонсора, который примет меня и моего друга. Хоти найти сразу по прибытию работу. Без вредных привычек. Аккуратнее. Не шумные. Спокойные адвективные люди.
  • Alina

    My name is Alina, I am 22 years old. When the war started I ran to Ireland where I am currently staying. I am entering university in England in January 2023. And now I need a place for living till that moment. Telling more about my professional skills: I have a bachelour degree in economics and now I`m going to get masters. Talking about my profession - I am Juniour HR Manager, I am experienced in finding right people to various job positions. I am kind, cuorious and ambition person. I adore reading, espesially non-fiction. My main sphere of interest now are investing and psychology. Also I have quite good English. Don`t hesitate to ask me any question you have, I think it`s a good idea to have a video-meeting to get aquainted with each other.
  • AnastasiiaBirykova

    Вітаю. Мене звати Анастасія. Я та мій син Дмитро громадяни України. Мріємо почати нове життя у Англії. Знаємо англійську мову на початковому рівні, але гарно розуміємо. Син займається спортом. Маємо улюбленого кота, сподіваємося, що зможемо переїхати разом з ним.
  • nadiialg

    My name is Nadiia Lazorenko. I'm 37 and I'm PhD in GIS field and associated professor from Kyiv. My son Andrii is 11 year old. We need shelter with access to school for my son. We calm and positive people without bad habits.
  • Julie

    women same-sex couple with a child
  • Vasil

    Я Василь, мені 26 років, був змушений виїхати з України через війну
  • Ihor

    Українська сімя шукає доброзичливих людей які зможуть допомогти
  • Yevhen_Kulinke

    At the moment I am in Ukraine. Looking for a sponsor.
  • Yuliia

    Woman with children from 🇺🇦
  • Natalia

    Мама та 2 дітей
  • Olha kaloshyna

    Hi everyone! My name is Olga. I’m 52 years old and I’m from Ukraine. I love to go dancing, and in my home city I was a big fan of my local basketball team! Unfortunately, I had to leave because of the war. The economy has suffered and I need to find better opportunities so I can work to support my family members who remain there. I will be traveling on my own and hope to learn English and find a good job. I have experience in office/administrative work and in cleaning/housekeeping. I’m looking for a sponsor that would help me move to the UK, preferably to Peel on the Isle of Man, as my friend lives there. However, I am flexible and will consider other options. The most important thing is help from honest and decent people. I have been staying in Poland, but my job here is seasonal and will end soon. I can communicate in English by Google Translate if you write a message to me. I also have a friend based in the US who you can contact as a character reference. She speaks English. Thank you for your help!
  • Ksenia

    Hello! My name is Ksenia. By profession I am a web designer and an illustrator. I'm a positive and friendly person. I adore painting and nature. I'd like to be in a safe place at least a little and I'd be so happy to have the opportunity to join you in your great country. I'd like to find a kind family for some time.
  • Liudmyla

    Active and Creative woman 61 years old
  • YuliiaSem

    30years old girl from Ukraine, Kyiv, looking for the host in GB. I am alone, without children and pets. I have intermediate level of English. From the beggining of March till the middle of July I lived in Poland using refuging programm. Now I am in Ukraine, Kyiv, and I am ready for changes. I have money for the ticket if need it and visa process will be sucsesfull... I worked in Ukraine in visa application centers (Europe, GB too), last monthes before the war and after I came back from Poland I worked as administrator in gym. Also I worked in education agency and helped children go to another countries for study in univercities and schools (GB too). Everything was so awesome... But the war started... I hope that I will live in Ukraine till the end of my life but now I need some help. Please write me as soon as possible.
  • Oksana

    Good afternoon, my name is Oksana and I am 39 years old and I am from Ukraine. My daughter and I are looking for a sponsor in England so that my daughter can continue studying and I can work. We are calm without bad habits, we love animals and children. Our English is at a low level, but we have a desire to learn the language. I used to care for the elderly. My daughter likes to make different videos, draw. We also love the rural Tomka who grew up there. I am not afraid of work and upon arrival I am ready to go to any job. thanks for the help
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