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Hi:) when the war started we helped to evacuate orphans kids to safe places and stayed and talked care of them 3 month:) Now we are in Kyiv and helping in some organisations in Kyiv and in Kharkiv to make a food packages and deliver it:) but soon gonna be colder and gonna be problem with power. We want to go to Uk coz it’s close to our home:) and my sister want improv her English:) also in Uk lives our parents.

When are you looking to come to the UK?

Within 1 month

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My name is Valentyna and I am 29 years old and my is Sister Viktoriia she is 31 year old. We live in Kyiv now and soon gonna be colder and our home is damaged and not good for cold weather:(




Киев, Украина, 02000

Country I am currently in


Do you (or anyone in your family?) Smoke?

No we are all non smokers

What languages do you speak?

English, Ukrainian

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