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  • TetianaLesh

    Looking for a host for our family of 3 people
  • Natalia

    We need a sponsor
  • Ania

    My name is Anna. I am 34 years old. I am a math teacher, but recently worked as an accountant's assistant. I speak English but slowly. I hope to improve my English. I'm sociable and considerate. I have no bad habits. I'm going to come alone and find a job after moving as soon as it will possible. I want to return to Ukraine after ending the war. Thank you to the British for helping the Ukrainians!
  • Maryna

    Семья муж и жена и два кота (сфинкс и британец)
  • Viktor

    I need a sponsor
  • Valentina

    My name is Valentyna and I am 29 years old and my is Sister Viktoriia she is 31 year old. We live in Kyiv now and soon gonna be colder and our home is damaged and not good for cold weather:(
  • Oksana

    We are a family of 4 with a maltipoo dog
  • Nadiia Hrytsai

    My name is Nadiia, I am 59 years old, calm person without bad habits, love nature, flowers. I worked at a local village school as a teacher of music art for over 30 years. My son living in England (West Sussex) but unfortunately he cannot be a sponsor for me. I just want to be safe and close to my son.
  • TinaUdacha

    Я мама ребенка с аутизмом.
  • Наталія

    Доброго дня Я з України. Ми прекрасно жили поки не почалась війна.А зараз змушені просити про захист та допомогу. 😔Нас 3, я, чоловік і одна прекрасна донечка❤Мені 33 роки моя професія вчитель. Чоловік 33 роки, займається зовнішніми та внутрішніми ремонтами. Донечка 8 років. Ми дуже добра та щира сім’я. Без шкідливих звичок, любимо тварин, можемо і вміємо працювати. Шукаємо добрих людей які можуть допомогти із відкриттям візи та житлом на деякий час. Будемо дуже вдячні🥰
  • AndreyS

    Hello! I'm from Ukraine. Seeking asylum in the UK
  • Oleksii Tkachenko

    Good afternoon! I am a student from Ukraine. I would like to find a sponsor for obtaining a visa with the possibility of finding a job and then renting a house on my own. Thanks.
  • Misha

    A couple, my girlfriend and I are 23 years old. We adhere to cleanliness, we want to quickly find a job. We don't smoke, we don't have pets.
  • Olla

    I'm 40 years old. I'm a hairdressers.
  • Oleksii Tkachenko

    Immigrant from Ukraine
  • Yelyzaveta Vysotska

    We are a young couple from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
  • Kate and Anastasiia

    A small family from Ukraine
  • Liudmyla

    We are family of two – mother Liudmila and son Rostyslav. I am 50, my son is 17. I am a shoe designer, my hobby is hairdressing. Also, I like to play with kids and take care of them. We like pets, but we don't have anyone. My son likes math ( he is very smart), learning English, photography and soccer.
  • Mariia

    I am Mariia, I am 25 and I am from Ukraine. I am single. Two years ago I graduated university I studied English- Ukrainian translation, so my level of language is Intermediate. I am a person without bad habits, I am in love with nature, I am extrovert, so I like communicating with people. I am easy-going, honest and hard working. Also l like cooking and planting these make me feel relaxed and balanced. I am fond of travelling and sightseeing, learn something new it shows me I don’t waste my time. The longer the war goes on the more unfortunately I doubt in peacetime and prosperity for my country . So I would be grateful to the person who help me .
  • Tanya

    Hello, our family from Ukraine is looking for a sponsor in wonderful England
  • Valeriia Zadontseva

    𝗩𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗶𝗮 (𝟮𝟯 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗹𝗱) I am Valeriia, a 23-year-old individual with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. Currently, I am employed as a Customer Support representative at a game development company. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, staying active through exercise, and taking leisurely walks. 𝗔𝗻𝗱𝗿𝗶𝗶 (𝟮𝟳 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗹𝗱) My partner, Andrii, is 27 years old and holds a college degree in Directing. He is a talented guitar player with a passion for classical music. In addition to his music interests, he also enjoys creating short creative films. We both share a calm and composed demeanor, making us a harmonious and responsible couple. Together, we are eager to establish our lives in the United Kingdom and contribute positively to its culture and society. We deeply appreciate the consideration of prospective hosts who may welcome us into their community.
  • Usikovna

    Cheers! My name is Ludmila. I’m 31 years old. And I’m from Ukraine and I’m looking for a family in UK who would host me. I live in Chernihiv! My town is situated near the border with russia and belarus . Since the war started our town has been bombed every day.We lived without gas, electricity and water. A lot of civilian buildings were ruined , a lot of people losted their homes. During all these months I’ve stayed in my native city. I’m positive, active and really friendly. I like to read books, travel, cook. My English is not perfect but I do my best to improve it. I’m looking for accommodation. I am going to find a job as soon as it possible and then start an independent life. And I’m really grateful for support of British people! You are great!
  • snalesny

    A family of 2 adults and 2 children is looking for a family in South England.
  • OlesiaPadii

    Hello, my name is Olesia. I am from Chernihiv. I am 32.
  • Igor

    I am single men looking for a Sponsorship who would help with obtaining a visa the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.
  • Iryna Peleshenko

    My name is Irina, I am married and have three children, 25, 24 and 14 years old. My youngest child and I decided to leave because the war does not end, but only gains momentum, I am very grateful to those who will help us.
  • Arseniy

    Family of three, looking for help in the UK
  • Stanislav

    Шукаю спонсора
  • Nataliia

    Економіст. Менеджер. Дизайнер прикрас ручної роботи
  • Tany

    Looking for shelter
  • Artem

    I'm Artem Sakhniuk, I'm 21 years old and I'm an experienced scientist. I am interested in science, learning languages and culture. I like to develop in many fields and directions. I run Instagram, I like editing photos and making people happy by communicating with them.
  • Liudmyla

    Can you help me with room, please? I mean I could really use some help like that right now. I am very confident and independent person, so what I need is to find a room for living with good connection to London for looking new job. So your location is great for me! I think that I could spend biggest time outside the room for looking the job and for improving my skills in English. I am wery positive person and love learning new things. Looking forward for hearing from you. Best regards Liudmyla Dolmatova WhatsApp +380973934671 I’m 48 years old Doctor from Kiev. Very accurate and provide healthy lifestyle.
  • Oleksandra Nik

    I'm Oleksandra, I'm 21 years old, now I'm in Poland and currently looking for a sponsor in England. I am fluent in English. I am friendly and responsible (I am a veterinary technician)i I will be grateful for any help.
  • Nataliia

    Будемо вдячні за допомогу
  • A.Pikul

    I and my infant, looking for familly who can help us!
  • Lana

    Hi! My name is Lana and i came to the UK alone as a part of the programme Homes for Ukraine in July 2022. All this time i have spent with my british friends but their circumstances are changed and I'm looking for the new host family. Originally I'm from Kyiv. My parents stay in Ukraine and i financially help them. For the 1st year in the UK i have these achievements: • i find out that I'm a dog person:) • i got my first job at the tech support team for the Dell computers • i work remotely, so it gives me a more flexibility about my new place of leaving. But on the other hand its difficult to be sociable online • unfortunately my income is not enough to rent my own apartment About me: Im 44 years old woman, I'm easy going travel addicted person. My friends says that I'm positive, creative and inquisitive, and someone who loves to laugh:) Before war I have worked on the biggest in Ukraine media group.
  • koevamaria

    Hi I am Maria. I am 23 years old from Kharkiv. I am looking for a place to stay for a month or two until I find a job and adjust in the UK. Please help.
  • YuliiaPavlova

    Hello, I'm Yuliia. I'm 32 years old and I have a 10 year old son.
  • Maryna

    Hello. I am from Ukraine, Kyiv. I have a son 8 years old. In our city, everything is going to the fact that in winter there may not be heat in houses for weeks. Services are alerted to this. The electricity’s already absent, problems with water and mobile connection. I am looking for sponsors to help with housing in England. If we’ll receive some kind of financial support from government I can give some part of that money to a sponsor an account of utility bill. If someone has the opportunity to become a sponsor of housing for my son and me, please write.
  • Mila July

    55 years old woman
  • saba1234

    I'm a medical doctor , i was student in Ukraine , i'm single , i'm friendly and i don't have any pet,
  • Sophie

    Hello, my name is Sophie, I am 27. I am looking for a sponsor in the UK. I currently live in frontline city Zaporizhzhia. Our city is being shelled almost every day. I have been working as an English teacher for 6 years, but I lost my job because of the invasion. In my free time I like to read books, drawing and walking. I also love animals very much and take care of them from time to time. I can help with housework and everything else that would be required. I am friendly and open person. Will be grateful for any support and help.
  • Наталя

    Ми гарна сім'я, яка надіється на допомогу 🩵💛
  • Yuliia10

    Hi there. I am Yuliia (33 years old). As I am a refugee, I would like to stay safe in England. I have been working as an English teacher for 16 years in Ukraine (Kyiv). I lost my parents, my lovely job, my apartment. Still looking for the sense of life. I would be really glad if somebody could offer me a stay. As I am an English teacher, I would be stunned to speak to people, know more about their traditions and customs. I hope I will find a job in England as a teacher. I have many hobbies: jogging, drawing, reading books, learning history of different countries, dancing, singing songs
  • Tomchik

    I am 23. I am a quiet and calm young man. I live in Chernihiv - on the border with a terrorist country (Belarus), from which rockets are launched over Ukraine very often. Its quite dangerous to live here. I am currently looking for housing in the UK
  • Oliaa

    Привіт, мене звати Оля. Дякую всім хто допомагає український сімям в такий важкий для нас час. Я змушена була покинути свій дім в Києві через війну, там страшно та небезпечно. Хочу знайти спонсора у Великий Британії. По приїзду одразу хочу приступити до роботи! Я закінчила університет культури і мистецтв за спеціальністю режисер кіно і телебачення. Є досвід роботи на телебачення. Також я займаюсь макіяжем. Працювала у Мілані, Лівані та Польщі. Буду дуже вдячна за будь-яку допомогу
  • Andy

    Male 39, truck driver
  • Julia

    Dear sitizens) My name is Yuliia, I am 33 years old, I am Ukrainian and I have a university degree (economist). Currently I am in the Czech Republic. I am positive, kind and polite person, quick learner and open to new experiences. Ido not have any children ot other family members. I am looking for a sponsor and I will find a job and no need hosting later. Thank you in advance for your help and support.
  • Bochuk Andrii

    My name Andrii. I are from the city of Kryvui Rih, in the south of Ukraine.
  • Dariia

    I'm 19 y.o. ukrainian student. I can speak English fluently. I'm going to study in Scotland and looking for someone who can host me and help with adaptation.
  • Svitlana

    49 yo lady who’s looking for a sponsop
  • Veronika Petrusko

    Hi! I’m Veronika, came here from Chernihiv to London. I’m a student so looking for a place to stay for a while. Would be happy to pay some rent or bills too. Hope to hear from you soon!
  • Anastasia_UA

    Hello, we are the Chervinsky family.       Tanya (mother) is 49 years old, Anastasia is 26 years old, Nikita is 17 years old, Ilya is 14 years old.  We are looking for a sponsor for the "Home for Ukraine" program.  Our family comes from Kherson, but met the war in Demidov (near Bucha) and spent some time in the occupation.
  • Yarolsav

    I am writing to you as Yaroslav, a 22-year-old student who has personally experienced the devastating effects of the war in Ukraine. A shattered future and no normal life. I am very keen to move to the UK, to reunite with my beloved fiancee.
  • Anastasiia

    We are a family from Ukraine
  • Владислав

    Мене звати Владислав, мені 15 років, шукаю тимчасове житло для себе та батьків в Англії ії
  • Nina Chudik

    a family from Kharkiv is seeking a shelter 2+1 rooms, ready to split up
  • Тетяна

    Greetings, my name is Tatyana, I am 34 years old. I am the mother of two daughters - Victoria (12 years old) and Milanka (5 years old) We are looking for asylum under the Home for Ukraine program in Great Britain, because your country helps us a lot and we admire your kindness and sincerity. We will be able to help you around the house and we will be able to show real gratitude for the shelter. It does not matter where it will be, the only important thing is that we will be safe and away from shelling and sirens. I admire you people, you are incredible and very kind, I don't have enough words to describe it. About my children: Milanka is an open, cheerful and sociable child who likes to draw, play with toys, and watch cartoons. Vikuya's eldest daughter likes to learn English very much. She wants to learn it perfectly, as she has always dreamed of speaking fluently. She always tries to learn new words herself. A little about myself: in Ukraine, I worked as a photographer, I also baked homemade pastries (cakes and sweets) to order. Therefore, upon arrival, I want to work and not sit idle. I really like to cook and would be happy to cook and introduce you to Ukrainian cuisine. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helps and supports us in such difficult times. A low bow to you❤❤
  • Oksana

    We are a family of 2, a mother and a daughter. We are quiet people, we dont have pets or musical instruments, we don't smoke. My daughter can communicate in English
  • Oksana

    Мне 52 года, моей дочери 20. .Мы мама и дочь.
  • D@niel

    Могу работать моделью, так как обладаю такой внешностью, разнорабочим, и в я очень хозяйственный, так что прихожусь в любом доме)
  • Krissy

    Hello! My name is Krystyna. I'm Ukrainian tech journalist temporalily displaced because of the war. I'm friendly, nerdy and easy going person.

    Any help at home, speak fluent English & German
  • Oleksandr

    we are family of three members and we are looking for a sponsor
  • Kate

    Привіт. Мене звати Катерина, мені 39 років. Я маю 17 річного сина, з яким я вимушена була покинути свій дім на Чернігівщині. Я працювала на посаді державного службовця Пенсійного фонду України, майже 20 років. Розмовляємо англійською та не маємо поганих звичок. Плануємо навчатись та швидко влаштуватись на роботу. Сподіваємось знайти розуміючу родину, яка б змогла нам допомогти з житлом на певний час.
  • Ukrainka

    Я мама с 10- летним сыном. Недавно я потеряла маму и мужа.
  • Galina

    Меня зовут Галина. Мне 37 лет. Ищу людей которые смогут мне помочь обрести дом на некоторое время. Было б хорошо если семья была б христианская. Не пью и не курю. Общительнаяительная, хотелось бы обрести друзей!
  • Marina

    My name is Marina Chenskaya, we are looking for a sponsor for temporary asylum in the UK. I am 46 years old, my daughter Svetlana is 13 years old We have not left the territory of Ukraine and our home city, Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) since the beginning of the war. We spent 43 days in the cellar with my child under shelling, we experienced all the horrors of Russian aggression. Kyiv is currently under constant bombardment, people are dying, houses and infrastructure of the city are being destroyed, there is no work, heating, water, electricity and communication. After each bombardment by the aggressor there is no electricity, heating and water, and the phone becomes a useless device, and after that for next week there is only electricity for 2-3 hours a day. The flats of our house are totally dependent on electricity - the heating (it is now 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside), water and electric stove run on it. Also during a power outage, stores, hospitals, pharmacies, underground, and ATMs do not work. People survive not live, and the situation is getting worse day by day… My daughter cannot go to school, there is no way to study online since there is no communication and electricity. I am very worried about my daughter, she does not sleep well, she has nightmares, her health has deteriorated. She, alas, has no opportunity to study and be in society. We want our daughter to be educated and healthy. Our family is intelligent, I have have higher education and have no bad habits, we always do sports together if possible. We are communicative, tolerant, kind, responsive and easy to learn. I am educated as teachers, I have medical education aa well, My daughter draws well, reads a lot, studies well and wants to become a doctor to help people. We would be very grateful and appreciative if someone would respond and help our family.
  • Zokhra

    I am refugee from Ukraine and I am looking for a host in the UK. Primarily in Essex or London
  • Тетяна

    Сім'я шукає спонсора
  • Kateryna K

    I’m 24 years old. I would like to open a work visa in Great Britain and to improve my English skills.
  • Daria Khomiak

    Hello. My name is Darya and I am a 19-year-old student of the National Aviation University. I come from Mykolaiv, but currently live in Kyiv. Mykolaiv was under shelling every day, so I had to go to Kyiv, but now Kyiv is also constantly under shelling. My father is on the front line, he is to fighting for our future, and besides him I have no one else. I am afraid to be alone under fire almost every day. I am a very friendly and calm person. I do not drink alcohol nor smoke and have a healthy way of life. I like sports games, drawing and cooking. I am currently studying English, so I am ready to find a job in England. I will be very grateful if someone wants to help me flee, I am really frightened and need help
  • Lena

    A married couple and a daughter searching for a place to stay in the UK
  • Kostiantyn

    Family from Ukraine: husband, wife and baby. Thank you for your help.
  • Oleksii

    Hello, I'm 23. I am currently in Sumy, Ukraine (near the border with Russia), My father died in the war, so I was allowed to leave. I would be glad if someone could sponsor me. I have no bad habits, no health problems. I used to work as a cook, like to cook desserts, read, do sports. I don't have a preference for location, whether it's a city or a farm. I can support myself for the first time. Please. if there is any possibility of becoming my sponsor, write to me.
  • Jacob

    I’m already in the UK
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