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We are a family of three who had to leave our home due to the ongoing war. My name is Tetiana, I’m 37 y.o. Currently, we are in search of a new place to live. We are easygoing and enjoy simple pleasures in life.

My husband Evgenii (38 y.o) is a CCTV engineer and also plays the guitar as a hobby. I used to work as an accountant but now I’m involved with a Humanitarian NGO. Cooking is something we both enjoy, and I find joy in gardening.

Our daughter Daria is seven years old and loves drawing and helping me in the garden. Our main goal right now is to find full-time jobs so we can afford a private rental as soon as possible. Despite the challenges we face, we remain optimistic and hopeful for a better future.

When are you looking to come to the UK?

As soon as possible

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Looking for a host for our family of 3 people





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English, Ukrainian, Russian

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