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We are a family from Ukraine and we need help, we are looking for people who will take us to live with them for a while.

Our family consists of three members. My name is Oleksandr, I am 34 years old, in Ukraine I worked as an engineer at an oil refinery.

My wife name is Yana, she is 33 years old, she work in a beauty salon. We have a son, his name is Daniel, he is two years old.


At the moment we are in Poland and nothing threatens us here, but since our beloved son in January 2021 year had a stroke. After a

stroke, our baby’s left arm and left leg do not work well, but, thank God, he is doing well with intellectual development, the child

is developing and there is a chance for a full recovery, but this requires appropriate treatment conditions. We scream for help.

At the moment, in Ukraine, our baby cannot be provided with sufficient rehabilitation, since all the forces of doctors are aimed at

saving people affected by the war. In Poland, they also cannot provide us sufficient rehabilitation of our baby after a stroke.

We know that England is very well developed in this direction and we hope that the doctors in England will be able to help us. Our most

cherished desire is to raise a mentally and physically healthy child, and in a war it is not possible. We will do our best to overcome

the language barrier quickly. We are currently taking English lessons. My level of English is pre-intermediate, my wife’s is elementary.

We are a family without bad habits, sociable, quiet and calm. We can easily adapt to your lifestyle and rhythm of life, you will feel

comfortable with us.


Please help us, we will be very grateful 🙏

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As soon as possible

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we are family of three members and we are looking for a sponsor




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