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Let me introduce my family.

My name is Nina and I am an English teacher. I am 44 years old.

With me are my two children, Alexander, 17, and Evelina, 1 year and  10 months, as well as my mom, Nataliya, 75.

We are a family from Kharkiv,  east of  Ukraine, next to Russia. The town is under constant shelling. refugees from the war, looking for accommodation  and a new  start in England. 

We managed to escape from Kharkiv but it is too dangerous to come back, especially with a little child.


As for the members of our family, Nataliia is a retired engineer, a wonderful cook and a connoisseur of the arts

. Alexander cares about health, does exercises, loves to draw and speaks English rather fluently ( B1-B2). He dreams to become an architect to restore Ukraine.

We are ready to split up and live separately.

I can live  separately with my child, she can  eat by herself at her age and it’s really cute! 🙏🌷

 I’m a sociable person, can work remotely, for e:g.  or organize different events or teach, love singing, love helping people. 

 We are neat, friendly and very grateful and helpful. None of us have bad habits, we do not smoke and do not drink alcohol . But i like sweets)

I want to letmy kids live in safety and peace.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!


When are you looking to come to the UK?

As soon as possible

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a family from Kharkiv is seeking a shelter 2+1 rooms, ready to split up


Nina Chudik


Austria, we are in a temporary accomodation

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