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My name is Marina Chenskaya, we are looking for a sponsor for temporary asylum in the UK. I am 46 years old, my daughter Svetlana is 13 years old We have not left the territory of Ukraine and our home city, Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) since the beginning of the war. We spent 43 days in the cellar with my child under shelling, we experienced all the horrors of Russian aggression. Kyiv is currently under constant bombardment, people are dying, houses and infrastructure of the city are being destroyed, there is no work, heating, water, electricity and communication. After each bombardment by the aggressor there is no electricity, heating and water, and the phone becomes a useless device, and after that for next week there is only electricity for 2-3 hours a day. The flats of our house are totally dependent on electricity – the heating (it is now 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside), water and electric stove run on it. Also during a power outage, stores, hospitals, pharmacies, underground, and ATMs do not work. People survive not live, and the situation is getting worse day by day… My daughter cannot go to school, there is no way to study online since there is no communication and electricity. I am very worried about my daughter, she does not sleep well, she has nightmares, her health has deteriorated. She, alas, has no opportunity to study and be in society. We want our daughter to be educated and healthy. Our family is intelligent, I have have higher education and have no bad habits, we always do sports together if possible. We are communicative, tolerant, kind, responsive and easy to learn. I am educated as teachers, I have medical education aa well, My daughter draws well, reads a lot, studies well and wants to become a doctor to help people. We would be very grateful and appreciative if someone would respond and help our family.




Киев, Украина, 02000

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