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I want to greet all the British and I want to express my gratitude for your love for the Ukrainians. You do a lot when you open your homes and your hearts to us!

My name is Lesya. Im 42 years old. I have two sons. Igor will soon turn 11 years old, and Alex will be 2 years old. We live in Kyiv.

In the past, I was engaged in entrepreneurial activities.  I sold furniture, doors, stairs and other wood products.  I also once had experience working in a children’s and women’s clothing store, but this is already in the past.  I know English at an elementary level.  I taught him at school and university.  but haven’t used it for many years.  But I intend to study it.

The eldest son Igor graduated from the 5th grade with honors. At school he studies English. Before the war, he went to the pool, practiced Taekwondo, loved to read and spend time with friends. Now study and communication with friends is possible only with the help of the Internet. He has friends, some sports even work, but due to frequent air raids and possible missile strikes, I’m afraid to let him go somewhere far from home.

Younger son Alex is a cheerful and lively child. Now is the age when he is interested in everything. He really likes to play on playgrounds. Especially loves slides and sandboxes. At home he can play with typewriters or draw for a long time.

We would like to meet people who can help us with the house. We will also need help with paperwork and orientation in the area. I really want the people who will accept us to become our good friends. Our little family for a while. Therefore, I believe that it is better to immediately discuss all issues openly.

I think we need a house next to the school for the eldest son (11 years old). Kindergarten for youngest son (if available for 2 year olds in the UK). Grocery store within walking distance with younger son. Shop with diapers and other baby items. If there is a clothing store, playgrounds, this is very good. If there are sports and creative activities for children nearby, this is very, very good.

I think we need to look for a small town or suburb. In rural areas, I do not understand much, I did not have such experience. My children and I were born and raised in a big city. But also children like to walk in the garden, which is in the country house of my parents, which is located near our city. And the younger son is afraid of big animals. But he loves cats if they are kind.

So I will be very grateful for all your suggestions. And regardless of the result, I am grateful for your kindness to all our people! Thank you!

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As soon as possible

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Мама та 2 дітей. Сини 11 років і 2 роки.



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Do you (or anyone in your family?) Smoke?

No we are all non smokers

Do you speak Ukrainian?

Yes, fluent

Do you speak English?

A Little

What languages do you speak?

Ukrainian, Russian

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