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We are looking for new sponsors to house a Ukrainian family we have had staying with us under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. We will come to the end of our 6 months at the end of October and have our own adult children and guests moving in at the beginning of November so unfortunately we have no room for maneuver on getting them rehoused by this date. They are Tanya (43) and with two sons Anton (16) and Artem (12) and they have been wonderful guests. They are impeccably tidy and friendly but keep very much to themselves, Tanya is also a great cook and we have enjoyed some of her home country cuisine. They are learning English fast and have been settling into London life. Tanya has worked since the week she arrived, Anton has started in a sixth form college learning English, Maths and IT and is passing tests with flying colors.

They also have all their status and benefits paperwork up to date with NI numbers etc

We have all got on very well and would really love to do our best to help them with their next experience in the UK. Valerie’s husband/father has stayed to protect Ukraine and they speak to him regularly.

Just to remind anyone who is thinking about doing this. The council will pay £350 monthly to the sponsors.

I am not on FB so please get in touch with me Landy [email protected] if you feel you can support this lovely family for another stint here in the UK while they get themselves set up. This is our way of saying no to Putin’s immoral and cruel war in the Ukraine.

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