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We are looking for kind person or family who can help us! 

My name is Anna Pikul, I was born on June 26, 1992. 

I have a son, Lev Volosovych – he is only 8 months old (08.05.2022)

We also have a cat – Bater, 12 years old, with good manners

I was pregnant when I had to leave Ukraine.

My husband went to serve and I was stay alone and pregnant, with our cat and without a place to live, because my husband’s apartment was in Mariupol

The city is under occupation, and the building in which the apartment was located has been destroyed. I understood that staying in Ukraine was dangerous for life.

A long stay in the subway, hiding from shelling, caused the threat of pregnancy. I decided to leave Ukraine.

I was afraid to go to another country pregnant where I did not have any family relatives

But my friends who live in Portugal offered help, which I accepted and this is how I got to Portugal

After several months from the day my son was born, we were asked to find another place to live.

With some of my savings, I started renting a part of the apartment, with the expectation that I would find a job in my specialty.

I tried to find a job as a 3D Designer in Portugal, unfortunately the requirement to know Portuguese, which I don’t know, and even my good level of English didn’t help me get a job

Having constant expenses for a small child and housing without a job in Portugal – force me to leave this country.

Also, the term of residence in Portugal is coming to an end. And I see no point in fighting for its extension, since our life now in Portugal looks like daily survival and constant worry about how much longer we can stay here without the possibility of employment.

There is no place for us to return to Ukraine, and my husband is under Bakhmut fighting.

I believe that England can give us an opportunity for a safe life with certainty for the future.

We will be in England with the support of our friends from Ukraine, as they have already been able to integrate.

The most important thing is that England has many open vacancies in my field of work, and this gives me great hope that I will be able to get a job and we will not have to come back to Ukraine now, where is still war going(  My son has never heard the sound of sirens. And I hope, he will never finds that out.

Thank you for your time, for have been reading this text and I hope you will open your big kind heart for us!

When are you looking to come to the UK?

As soon as possible

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I and my infant, looking for familly who can help us!



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No we are all non smokers

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Yes, fluent

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