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We are a family of 3, two adults and our son Mark, 3 y.o. We also have a young cat Troll (Devon-Rex breed). 

Our town near Kyiv was occupied and Russian soldiers lived in our house for some time last year while were forced to leave it just 4 days before they had come. Then we have passed the winter without electricity, heating and water, now we are suffering from missile attack every single day and are frightened by the nuclear threats. It’s hard to live through and we understand that it harms our son mind and bears risks to lives of all of us.

We want to relocate to escape from the war and would like to find some safer and better place to live for our son and family and need temporary sponsorship to have a chance to do it in the UK. We don’t want to presume upon your and your country hospitality, we want to find some work, place to live and be useful for the society, pay taxes and contribute to wellness.

We are sociable, responsible and peaceful with intermediate English.

We can make a small call to become acquainted by means of any messenger.

When are you looking to come to the UK?

Within 3 months

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What languages do you speak?

English, Ukrainian, Russian

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