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  • Галя

    Привіт. Хочу подякувати всім, хто бере участь у цій програмі та надає тимчасовий прихисток людям з України. Мене звати Галина (45), у мене неповнолітня дочка.По приїзду я хотіла б якомога швидше знайти роботу, та відправити дочку до школи. Ми з міста Івано Франківськ, наше місто попало під обстріли, і ми змушені були залишити нашу домівку аби зберегти наше життя. Я з дочкою зараз знаходжусь в Польщі, де дуже багато українців і важко знайти роботу і забезпечити своє проживання. Дякую всім хто переглянув мій профіль.
  • Jabs

    Large bedroom in Ipswich, very close to shops and bus stop,
  • Maxym

    Hello, my name is Max. I want to get UK’s Visa, because of the war in my country
  • Paul

    large room and private bathroom in old house with garden
  • Іnna

    I'm Inna. I am 30 years old. I have a 6-year-old son. We are looking for a good family who can help us. I am a teacher of biology and chemistry. I like working with children. I love baking, cooking and pets. I do not know English. We are good and reliable people. I have no bad habits, hardworking.
  • ResidentUK

    Help to my parents come to UK
  • AlonaHura

    we need your help.
  • Наталія

    Доброго дня Я з України. Ми прекрасно жили поки не почалась війна.А зараз змушені просити про захист та допомогу. 😔Нас 3, я, чоловік і одна прекрасна донечка❤Мені 33 роки моя професія вчитель. Чоловік 33 роки, займається зовнішніми та внутрішніми ремонтами. Донечка 8 років. Ми дуже добра та щира сім’я. Без шкідливих звичок, любимо тварин, можемо і вміємо працювати. Шукаємо добрих людей які можуть допомогти із відкриттям візи та житлом на деякий час. Будемо дуже вдячні🥰
  • Anastasiia

    We are a family from Ukraine, there are four of us. I am, my husband and two children, they are twins.
  • elvis

    I am retired and can give lots of support

    Any help at home, speak fluent English & German
  • Tony

    Divorced male professional in Mid Somerset with double room in family sized house.
  • Igor

    Hi, I am writing in the program Houses for Ukraine, my name is Igor, 50 years old and I am from Ukraine. I have a higher education, economist-accountant, I have experience working in restaurants and supermarkets. English at intermediate level, but would very much like to continue learning English. I am looking for a sponsor in the UK, as in 2016 I lived and worked in London for 6 months. Decent, lead a healthy lifestyle, as most Britons love football. I am asking for a room for the House for Ukraine program, at least for a month or two. Or maybe you have acquaintances who could help me. Some mutual assistance is possible. Thank you to all the British people who are not indifferent to our difficult situation. Take it first of course women with children, and if there is a small room for one I will be very grateful.
  • Andy

    Double room for one person
  • Matt

    Room available in family home in Kent (30 minutes to London)
  • Laura

    My name is Laura. I live in Ukraine in a front-line town Kriviy Rig. I already have permission to enter the UK. I am a speech pathologist. I really need help getting sponsored accommodation in the UK. I will be very grateful to provide such assistance.
  • Daria

    My mother and I are from Ukraine and are looking for a sponsor in the UK
  • Usikovna

    Cheers! My name is Ludmila. I’m 31 years old. And I’m from Ukraine and I’m looking for a family in UK who would host me. I live in Chernihiv! My town is situated near the border with russia and belarus . Since the war started our town has been bombed every day.We lived without gas, electricity and water. A lot of civilian buildings were ruined , a lot of people losted their homes. During all these months I’ve stayed in my native city. I’m positive, active and really friendly. I like to read books, travel, cook. My English is not perfect but I do my best to improve it. I’m looking for accommodation. I am going to find a job as soon as it possible and then start an independent life. And I’m really grateful for support of British people! You are great!
  • Alina Dubrava

    Hello! I'm from Ukraine. I need this asylum to be useful to the country that sheltered me. I am responsible, friendly and non-conflicting. Sincerely, Alina Dubrava
  • Marina

    My name is Marina. I live in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. My English level is soon B2. I am a teacher and tutor by profession. Kind, decent, clean, responsible. I studied the culture and literature of England. I am looking for a sponsor to get housing. Very sociable , hardworking. No husband, widow.I am 50 years old.Teacher of English for junior pupils.Intelligent.Well-bred.I live in Dnepr city.
  • Lena

    50 y.o. , medical secondary education
  • Oleksii

    Hello, I'm 23. I am currently in Sumy, Ukraine (near the border with Russia), My father died in the war, so I was allowed to leave. I would be glad if someone could sponsor me. I have no bad habits, no health problems. I used to work as a cook, like to cook desserts, read, do sports. I don't have a preference for location, whether it's a city or a farm. I can support myself for the first time. Please. if there is any possibility of becoming my sponsor, write to me.
  • Darryl

    Possibly able to host one guest in the Manchester area. I'm 36 years old and would be looking to host someone of similar age. Able to accept pets into my home. Any questions feel free to ask.
  • Karyna Pinchuk

    Looking for accommodation & sponsor in London, UK
  • Oliaa

    Привіт, мене звати Оля. Дякую всім хто допомагає український сімям в такий важкий для нас час. Я змушена була покинути свій дім в Києві через війну, там страшно та небезпечно. Хочу знайти спонсора у Великий Британії. По приїзду одразу хочу приступити до роботи! Я закінчила університет культури і мистецтв за спеціальністю режисер кіно і телебачення. Є досвід роботи на телебачення. Також я займаюсь макіяжем. Працювала у Мілані, Лівані та Польщі. Буду дуже вдячна за будь-яку допомогу
  • MK

    Mariana from Ukraine. We want peace
  • Roksoliana

    Hello! My name is Roksoliana, I am 19 years old. Study at University of Nottingham and work on campus as well. Speak 5 languages, absolutely love cooking. Moved to UK a few months ago by my own, now looking for a host in Nottingham starting in September/October 2023
  • Svitlana

    My name is Svitlana, 37 years old, I am a teacher, I work at a school, I have a husband and 2 daughters, my husband's name is Andriy, he is 40 years old, my eldest daughter's name is Alinochka, she is 14 years old, she is a creative, intelligent, sociable, calm girl who studies well at school. good, creative, kind, intelligent girl, our family loves animals, loves nature, comfort and peace, we have no bad habits! before the war, we lived in Ukraine calmly and peacefully, but now we are looking for a safe place to live in England, because it is very dangerous in Ukraine now
  • Nadiia

    Two women (32 and 36 years old) and a 9 years old child are looking for a host.
  • Igor198909

    We are a family from Ukraine, me, my wife and 2 year old son, are currently in Germany, we want to emigrate to London, since my parents are in London, only an invitation is required from a sponsor, my parents are in London but they cannot invite us because they have a refugee document
  • Julie

    Non-smoking vegetarian household. Retired couple with Labrador dog and 3 chickens. Update, sorry, we have now sponsored somebody and they are now our guest
  • Dr Natalie E in Lincoln, UK

    SORRY, I CAN NOT SPONSOR. I am English, living in the city of Lincoln, England. I unfortunatly CAN NOT sponsor or host in my home but I want to help those who come to Lincoln. I can offer transport in Lincoln, help get a bank account, register with a Dr, get free clothes and home items, get children into school, get free library access, go to the shops to get food and other ways I can help too.
  • Olga Balesko

    My name Olya. I’m 33 years old. I have husband and beautiful 10 years old son Sasha. I and my son looking beautiful family who can help us. I’m primary school teacher and I like to work with children. I love pets, travelling and cooking.My English is Intermedial.I’m quite and reliable person. I’m not used to not working,that’s why I want to go to work as soon as possible. I’m hoping to find stable activity and go back to a “normal and active life “ near future.
  • Maria

    Сім'я, яка надіється на допомогу.
  • nova

    A young couple looking for a short-term accommodation
  • Наталя

    Ми гарна сім'я, яка надіється на допомогу 🩵💛
  • Лилия

    Я из Украины. Мне 41 год. Детей нет , не замужем. Порядочная девушка без вредных привычек. Религиозные верования христианско - библейские. Характер спокойный. В доме люблю создавать порядок и чистоту. Легко контактирую с людьми, не создаю никаких проблем. Обычно оставляю после себя хорошее впечатление. Занимаюсь рукоделием, вязанием и изделием искуственных цветов. Из животных люблю лошадей и овец. У меня элергия на шерсть котов и собак, но если животное живёт во дворе а не в доме то нет проблем. Хочу приехать в Англию. Ищу жильё у порядочных людей. Жильё на максимально длительный период на сколько смогут позволить хозяева дома. Конечно лучше вариант жилья на длительный срок. Желательно чтобы была комната с отдельным туалетом и душевой. Ожидаю помощи в оформлении нужных документов по приезду. Чтобы помогли освоиться на новом месте. Разговариваю через голосовой переводчик. Отвечу подробнее на любые вопросы через переписку. Оставляю мой номер для удобства общения +380956528438 вотсап телеграмм 🙂
  • Seejays

    2 bedrooms available, one twin and one double. Shared facilities. 4 miles from city centre of Swansea, Wales. Public transport available - bus/train, schools, shops, coast (4 miles)etc.
  • Mila

    I am Ukrainian. I am in the UK under the Home for Ukraine program. At the moment I am looking for a new sponsor, as the year of my stay with my sponsors is coming to an end. I am a calm woman, without children and animals. My profession is musician and professional secretary. I am 60 years old. I need a sponsor for a period of 2-6 months. I am going to return to Ukraine as soon as the situation in my hometown of Kharkov improves.
  • Svitlana

    49 yo lady who’s looking shelter for myself and my younger son
  • Тетяна

    Greetings, my name is Tatyana, I am 34 years old. I am the mother of two daughters - Victoria (12 years old) and Milanka (5 years old) We are looking for asylum under the Home for Ukraine program in Great Britain, because your country helps us a lot and we admire your kindness and sincerity. We will be able to help you around the house and we will be able to show real gratitude for the shelter. It does not matter where it will be, the only important thing is that we will be safe and away from shelling and sirens. I admire you people, you are incredible and very kind, I don't have enough words to describe it. About my children: Milanka is an open, cheerful and sociable child who likes to draw, play with toys, and watch cartoons. Vikuya's eldest daughter likes to learn English very much. She wants to learn it perfectly, as she has always dreamed of speaking fluently. She always tries to learn new words herself. A little about myself: in Ukraine, I worked as a photographer, I also baked homemade pastries (cakes and sweets) to order. Therefore, upon arrival, I want to work and not sit idle. I really like to cook and would be happy to cook and introduce you to Ukrainian cuisine. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who helps and supports us in such difficult times. A low bow to you❤❤
  • kateryna_fit24

    Hey! I'm a nutritionist and IT consultant from Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Nataliia

    Будемо вдячні за допомогу
  • YuliiaSem

    30years old girl from Ukraine, Kyiv, looking for the host in GB. I am alone, without children and pets. I have intermediate level of English. From the beggining of March till the middle of July I lived in Poland using refuging programm. Now I am in Ukraine, Kyiv, and I am ready for changes. I have money for the ticket if need it and visa process will be sucsesfull... I worked in Ukraine in visa application centers (Europe, GB too), last monthes before the war and after I came back from Poland I worked as administrator in gym. Also I worked in education agency and helped children go to another countries for study in univercities and schools (GB too). Everything was so awesome... But the war started... I hope that I will live in Ukraine till the end of my life but now I need some help. Please write me as soon as possible.
  • Kev

    66 Year old male just retired intending to do a lot of travelling so house will be empty for periods.
  • Angie

    Im a single woman with 2 small spare rooms
  • Dorothy

    Professional retired couple with small young dog. Three rooms.
  • pengypooh

    Mr & Mrs Tranter, living in South Wales near the seaside town of Porthcawl. Just off the M4.
  • Marusja

    Добра і дружня сім'я
  • seregka

    I want to change my life
  • RostyslavByanov

    We are a couple from Ukraine's Kherson city, where the situation is increasingly desperate. The city is shelled, and people are being wounded and killed every day. At the moment, we have no safe place to call home. My name is Rostislav, I'm 28 years old, and I'm a soccer coach. And my common-law wife, Anna, is 26; she is an illustrator. We have no children, no animals, and no bad habits. We are looking for a sponsor to help us come to Britain. Thank you for helping Ukraine. We are very grateful to you. You can reach me: Telegram:+380999513717 WhatsApp:+380999513717 e-mail: [email protected]
  • Meri

    Ми чоловік і дружина із України.
  • Andrew

    We are a family in Taunton, UK and can host a family
  • Nataliia

    My name is Natalie. I am 42 years old, I am from Ukraine. Due to the war in our country, I am looking for a sponsor in the UK under the "Home for Ukraine" program. I don't speak English yet, but I use a translator if necessary (I'm currently learning English). I don't drink, I don't smoke. I love animals, walks in nature. I have a German Shepherd, she is already 10 years old , spayed. She is very kind and quickly becomes attached to people, loves children, knows commands , can stay at home alone while I'm at work. She is friendly with other animals, especially small ones. We've been through a lot together. I want to quickly learn the language and find a job so as not to burden people. I would be very grateful if there is a place for me and my dog. Thanks in advance!
  • Jaxxon

    Single room and full use of house in village between Milton Keynes bedford
  • Mykola

    We are family couple without children yet.
  • Dasha

    My name is Dasha. I am 15 years old and my family live in a private house in the suburbs of Kyiv. We are looking for a kind host family.
  • David and Andrea

    Couple with 2 double bedrooms with bathroom in village in Scotland. We have 2 dogs
  • Galina

    Меня зовут Галина. Мне 37 лет. Ищу людей которые смогут мне помочь обрести дом на некоторое время. Было б хорошо если семья была б христианская. Не пью и не курю. Общительнаяительная, хотелось бы обрести друзей!
  • Yehor

    A Ukrainian teenager with excelent English looking for safety within an English speaking country
  • Oksana

    Mom, who dreams take very good education for my children.
  • Islam

    Я потерял всё
  • Chris

    One double bedroom in 2 bed house
  • Julia1188

    Hello! My name is Julia, we are escaping from Ukraine with my husband Yehor and two kids, Matthew and Diana. I am teaching English online in Ukraine, my husband is electrician, programmer and can fix practically everything in the house. No pets.
  • nadiialg

    My name is Nadiia Lazorenko. I'm 37 and I'm PhD in GIS field and associated professor from Kyiv. My son Andrii is 11 year old. We need shelter with access to school for my son. We calm and positive people without bad habits.
  • kozak.nata

    I am looking for a sponsor for myself and my daughter
  • marmaduke

    I am now hosting so will not be responding to further requests
  • Gala Shakhovtseva

    Меня зовут Галина (мать одиночка), мне 40 лет. Есть дочка 15 лет. На данный момент времени ищем спонсора, который поможет нам со временным жильём и адаптацией. Вредные привычки - отсутствуют. Хобби :чтение, вязание и настольный теннис. Также мы коммуникабельные и с хорошим чувством юмора. Надеемся найти и подружиться с приятными людьми, в столь сложное время.
  • Viktoria

    Мама та двоє дітей 13 та 9 років із Маріуполя, шукаємо прихисток в Англії
  • Olha kaloshyna

    Hi everyone! My name is Olga. I’m 52 years old and I’m from Ukraine. I love to go dancing, and in my home city I was a big fan of my local basketball team! Unfortunately, I had to leave because of the war. The economy has suffered and I need to find better opportunities so I can work to support my family members who remain there. I will be traveling on my own and hope to learn English and find a good job. I have experience in office/administrative work and in cleaning/housekeeping. I’m looking for a sponsor that would help me move to the UK, preferably to Peel on the Isle of Man, as my friend lives there. However, I am flexible and will consider other options. The most important thing is help from honest and decent people. I have been staying in Poland, but my job here is seasonal and will end soon. I can communicate in English by Google Translate if you write a message to me. I also have a friend based in the US who you can contact as a character reference. She speaks English. Thank you for your help!
  • Nataliia

    My name is Natalia. I am a mother of two children. The son is 12 years old, the daughter is 2 years old.
  • Viktoriia

    Hello! My name is Victoria .I am 55. I am  from Kyiv. I am looking for a sponsor for myself and my 16 year old son.  We love our country very much but the war forces us to leave.Why Graite Britain? I am a rhythmic gymnastics coach. In my profession, there are job offers in London and other big cities but I understand that it is difficult. Therefore, other options are also  possible. Exactly professional implementation that is the basis for successful adaptation in a foreign country. But it takes time tosignificant funds fo two. Therefore, We are looking for a sponsor who can take us for quite a long time .I am ready to provide more information in a personal message.Thank you for your attention.
  • olehomel

    Looking for home in UK for period of war
  • Kay

    Female 33yrs old. Friendly, hard working person! Looking for female of similar age. I keep my house clean and tidy so would like the person to do that too, non smoker.
  • Anastasia

    I'm a Ukrainian student looking for a host family
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