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    • jura

      Hi there

      I had to choose ‘single woman’ when it came to household type even though this is not correct. We are a mother and adult daughter who share a house but there will be others too – friends who share homes, families with grown up kids living at home, children caring for older relatives.

      It is important that folk know what type of household they are coming to (for example some people may want to be in a house with just one other person and others actively won’t) Can we not just specify the number of adults and kids in a house?






    • Harley

      Hi! Firstly thanks for the feedback. This place was put together in 6 days after I heard the government announce sponsors would need to nominate their guests during application. So a lot of decisions such as this did not get the level of scrutiny that I would have liked and I can only apologise!

      I am very happy to add more options to that box – can you suggest a short, snappy way I can accurately describe your household?

      I wanted to make sure family type was specified so that people can easily tell an all mans household from a family unit because understandably some of our Ukrainian guests wouldnt be suited to certain environments.

      But I am ready and willing to take feedback and any further suggestions as to what I can add to make it better!

      p.s I have a house on Benbecula so know (and adore) your neck of the woods!



      • jura

        Hi Harley. Well done on the site.


        • House share (all women)
        • House share (all men)
        • House share (men and women)

        Obviously you can’t cover every type of relationship but these might be good general categories that can indicate people are not in a relationship.












Viewing 1 reply thread
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