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My two guest filled in their forms yesterday.  There is mention of a ‘commercial partner’ to have a biometrics taken and yet in the same sentence is says that those with international passports do not need to do this.  There is no mention of who the commercial partners are, or where they are.  It was my husband reading from The Times that he was able to glean that one was TLS and the other VFS and one or other is in Paris.  We have both read that this is no longer a requirement, but the information sent to the refugees (guests) has not been updated.

The Document Check List sent from our government to the named person has numerous inappropriate questions such as questions about their money, their assets and their home address that could easily have been bombed by now.  I am sure this is the regular form sent out for normal visas, but it is grossly insensitive to people who have fled for their lives.

Again in Saturday’s The Times, I read that the whole process is being speeded up.  Has anybody noticed anything happening?  And, how long is too long waiting?  And, what should we do now?

Thanks, Maddy

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