On this page you will hopefully find answers to the most commonly requested questions we receive. We are constantly updating and add to this section so please check back regularly for updates.

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No, although it is designed to work in tandem with it. You can find details of the official scheme HERE
We totally support the government and have been impressed by the generous scheme they have put in place so quickly.

However the government application process requires the UK Hosts to already have a connection to a Ukrainian family and nominate someone during the application.

Many, many people in the UK want to help the large number of Ukrainians who want to stay here but do not have any contacts in the UK yet. This website is here to allow both sides to make that connection and find a great match to ensure the very best chance of a successful placement.

Both the host and their guests can then proceed to the official government application process, during which all the much vital security checks can take place.
Both UK based Hosts/Sponsors and Ukrainian families and individuals can register HERE
Absolutely nothing. The website is completely free (and advert free) for all parties.
The biggest help anyone can give us right now is exposure. Please mention us on social media and anywhere/everywhere else so that as many people in need are able to find us as soon as possible.

We could also really use the help of:

English speakers who also fluent in Ukrainian to help us check translations.
Any contact with charities and organisations who are also helping bridge the gap between UK hosts and those in need.
Experts in refugee situations to help us create advice and guidance
Moderators for the forum to help keep everyone safe
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