Ukrainians in need
with UK Host Families

Helping connect hosts/sponsors in the UK with Ukrainian families or individuals in need of a safe place to stay.

This service is designed to work with the UK Government’s official visa application process and allows Sponsors in the UK and Ukrainians to find the perfect match based on a number of criteria to ensure the best chance of success and ensure safety for both parties.

With built in
Auto Translation

Seemlessly communicate between different languages with full auto translation of the website, member listings and even across private messages and discussion forums.

Languages spoken and proficiency in English is an important aspect of member profiles and search facilities to ensure most successful match possible.

And we are
Fully Mobile Friendly!

We don’t have an app yet as this would take too long to create and solutions are obviously needed quickly. However this website and all its features are fully mobile friendly to allow those without access to a computer to still use the service.

We’ve only Just Launched.

Bear with us if something is missing or not perfect. We’ve had to develop this service at very short notice after the government announced its official plans on Monday. We are keen to continue developing the available features to make it as simple to use and as powerful as possible.

If you have any suggestions, requirements or feedback then please get in touch!

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